Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I've learned during my first 10 weeks on WW...

I've been trying to be more mindful of the process this time around on Weight Watcher's.  I want to actually learn how to eat healthy, be satisfied and most important...make some new lifetime habits for myself.  I don't just want to take weight off only to put it all back on and more!!  Been there, done that.  Here are a few things I've begun to understand this time around:

1. I can lose weight and really be happy.
2. I am choosing a healthy lifestyle.
3. I have learned that when I slip up, I just need to refocus.
4. I can eat until I am satisfied and still lose weight. (still surprises me...I'm not starving and I'm not eating 'diet food')
6. I like how my clothes fit.
7. I don't need chips and dips to feel satisfied.
8. Margaritas and Mojitos are not my friends - never really were - but I didn't see that.
9. I can inspire people.
10. Tracking what I eat makes a big difference.

11. I can "wing-it" once in a while, but need to be "on program" most of the time.
12.  It pays to have a few "go-to" breakfasts, lunches and dinners that are quick, easy, and satisfying to fall back on.
13. Its always best to know what you can eat at restaurants BEFORE you go -
14. Many of the foods I now choose at a restaurant actually taste better than the things I used to order.
15. Planning meals keeps me from getting bored doing the same thing over and over again.

Now what I really want to learn and appreciate is how to incorporate some daily activities into my life that don't feel like "working out".  Anybody have some good advice or suggestions of what works for you?  Feel free to comment on this blog post...please!

I promised you lunch photos and I don't want to disappoint...Deli Thin Turkey Breast (6 slice -2pp), tomato slices (0pp), Lite Mayo (1Tbsp -1pp) on 2 slices of Whole Wheat bread (4pp) sandwich of goodness was only 7pp!! Add to that WW's Garden Veggie soup, which is usually "0"pp - but I added 1/4 cup of leftover brown rice and grains...making it a filling 1pp. 
But wait....there was more!

I made us some fresh Starbuck's Coffee and whipped up a couple of Lattes!!  Mmmmm.  Coffee (0pp), 1 cup of fat free milk (3pp) and 1 Tbsp of International Delight Coffee House Inspirations Breve Creme Dark Chocolate Creamer (1pp).  These huge cups of latte really filled our tummies with warmth and satisfaction -for just 4pp and guess what? of our "daily milk requirements" snuck painlessly into our diet.  Good for us!!

One last thing...when I ran to the store for the ground chicken breast for my meatballs...ShopRite was offering free samples.  Now, I'm not usually one to sample unless I see who's serving it up and how they handle it...and since starting WWs - I've avoided putting samples in my mouth altogether (they have points, too, you know)...but the guy at the fish counter was really enthusiastic about what he was I caved!  I have to report that I DID sample at his table...several things...and later will fix what I sampled for dinner.  I really think the family will love this...and the nutritional information was very encouraging.  Come back and check out photos of what I fix and of a new product that is a "keeper"!!

What are you planning for dinner?  Post me a comment and talk among yourselves!

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