Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just not feeling it today...

Just not feeling it?  Have you ever felt that way?  You were going strong on the new plan and all of a sudden its like someone hit the emergency brake?  You get up and try to fix breakfast and nothing appeals to you?  Can't find anything to take to work for lunch, either?

Its funny, but when I got up today and read Danica's comments on her blog - I thought perhaps we were having a 'blogger's flu day' - she's not feeling it, either ;0)  Here is what she had to say that really inspired this post:

Today was THAT day for me ~ nothing sounded good to eat and I definitely didn’t want to get out to exercise at all.   But, you know what I do on days like that???
I FAKE IT TIL I MAKE IT!!! In other words, I give myself permission to eat whatever even if it isn’t balanced or pretty and I MADE myself get out for a walk at lunch even if I knew it wouldn’t be my best one.  Eventually if you keep telling yourself all day that it’s WORTH IT and you go through the motions, you believe it and it somehow all works out.

Thanks, Danica!!  Did I ever tell you that I think you would make a wonderful Weight Watcher's Leader? You are so inspiring to me!!

So, I'm taking Danica's advice and going to FAKE IT!!  I really didn't feel like making breakfast, partly because I really wanted a soft boiled egg on toast - but I'm out of eggs!  So taking her advice, I searched my fridge and freezer for something "outside of the box" that could be an easy breakfast to swallow.  I chose to grab a delicious VitaTop CranBran muffin top(3pp), an orange (0pp) and to spike my coffee with a rich chocolate creamer (1pp).
Only 3pp each and come individually wrapped to take on the run!
This keeps me within the 5points plus target I try to maintain most days to stay on program and to keep me satisfied until lunchtime. If you have never tried VitaTops - I really recommend them - you'll find them in your grocer's freezer section near the frozen breakfast items.  I really love the chocolate ones with chocolate chips in them - for breakfast, lunch, snack...you name it - they are like dessert! I'm out of them now - but they'll have a spot on my blog soon enough.

Are you faking it today, too?  More on that later...

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