Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday 's Musing

Its been an overcast, but warm (40 degrees) day today - and we are all recovering from being up late after the Superbowl last night and from eating a little differently than our new normal.  So, we all have taken a gentle approach to our meals today.  I started out the day giving genuine thought to planning my meals - really I did.  I put all our eggs into a pot and boiled them for egg salad.  I took one out a little early and had it warm for breakfast along with some kiwi and cantaloupe that was really ripe and tasty!
Sometimes you just need to break away from your usual routine and have something out of the ordinary for a meal.  Believe it or not - this 2 pp breakfast held me until 1pm when I realized I was getting hungry.
So I stayed out of the ordinary for lunch, too...not because I planned to, but when I got to the office with my egg salad and carrot salad, I realized I forgot to pack the wraps to make sandwiches I improvised with the romaine lettuce and look what I came up with!  Grapes and lettuce were 0pp, egg salad was 2.5pp, the olives were 1/2point and the carrot salad came to 4pp - so a 7points plus lunch.  I actually enjoyed eating the egg salad this way, and may do it again on purpose next time!

Dinner was supposed to be a nice teriyaki pork tenderloin...but we got home late and the guys had to leave in 45 minutes to play basketball - so instead we ate leftovers from last night - buffalo chicken meatballs, celery sticks, low fat ranch dip, Baked Tostitos Scoops with guacamole...and fruit for dessert if we feel like it. Nobody seems particularly hungry enough to care, so I'm going with it. I'm not even sure I understand how the guys are finding energy to play...but that gives me peace and quiet for a few hours ;0)


  1. Hi Corinne,

    Would you mind posting the recipe for the carrot salad?


  2. Will do - check back later! Thanks for asking.