Sunday, February 6, 2011

Try this new sauce on seafood!!

Yesterday I left you with the mission to check back to see what I fixed for dinner, mainly because I had 'sampled' food at the supermarket...and found a new "love".  The guy at the seafood counter had a sample station where he served shrimp, scallops, salmon and cod that was baked with sauces he was featuring.  I tried both sauces, and really liked them both...but only bought one of them because I already had a similar product to one of them at home.  So here is dinner:

I already had the Salmon fillets in my freezer, just waiting to be used.  The sauce on the left is the brand I sampled...Royal Asia's Thai Spicy Lemongrass Sauce. 

The bottle says it is good for marinades, dips and condiments.  It is all natural - sugar, water, fish sauce, vinegar, chili sauce, lemongrass, modified food starch, natural spices and flavors.  It has a wonderful combination of sweet and spice that really compliments the fish.  I loved to try it for the family and see how they feel...

My seafood guy said they marinated their fish in the sauce for about 10 minutes, then baked it until the fish was cooked through.  So tonight, I fixed the salmon exactly as he suggested, using the baking instructions off the bag the salmon fillet came in.

I served it with some whole wheat pasta to which I added a bit of butter spray and seasonings, and cooked green beans tossed with some garlic and minced garlic.  7pp for the salmon, 1pp for the sauce, 4pp for the 4oz of pasta, 1pp for the olive oil and 0pp for the green beans - total dinner=13points plus!  Really filling dinner, too...I never felt like snacking all night long.  But how did the family react?  Chuck really liked it and said he'd like to have it again.  Justin?  No comment from him right away (which is good, because otherwise I'd hear about it, believe me)...but when prompted, he said it was really good and he'd eat it again. ;0)

Just a comment about the other sauce I sampled...the same company makes a sweet red chili sauce that is equally great.  Both sauces are not overly spicy, by the way - just perfectly seasoned.  I knew I had a bottle of a similar sauce that I wanted to use up before I bought anything else new...
This sweet red chili sauce is from "A Taste of Thai", and it also is a fabulous marinade for fish.  What I really love it for is a dipping sauce for fondue!!  Actually, both of these would be great fondue dippers!!

Now, for today - are you ready for the big game??  What game you say?  I'm with you...I'll be in another room with the gals watching a good movie ;0)  My Healthy and Spicy Buffalo Chicken Meatballs are all made and now sit in the crock pot to warm them up for tonight.  They are spicy, and I'm taking a risk pre-making them and re-heating them...will they be too spicy and hot?  Only time will tell.  What I can tell you is that when I divided up the meatball mix into single size servings to form into balls...they were much larger than I expected from the photo!  You get one large meatball for just here's hoping they are not too hot!!  I'll take a photo of them once they are plated up...and I'll try to sneak some pictures from the rest of the food (recipes, too, if I can get them) later tonight!

SO - who are you rootin' for tonight??  Have you made your WW's 'game p-l-a-n' yet?  No matter -have a wonderful time and I'll update you on our night later!!

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