Friday, February 4, 2011

Superbowl Sunday is right around the corner! Really - are you ready??!!

My mind is spinning with anticipation of the Superbowl party at the Brander's house this Sunday!  There is always a spread of fantastic foods -  and I'm not exactly sure whether the emphasis should be on the word spread or fantastic!!  Everybody brings something to share, so there is no telling exactly what temptations there will be.  There is one thing for sure, after about 10 weeks on the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program, I know there is a way to have a great time, enjoy some great food, and still manage to preserve the progress I've made to date...and that is my goal.  I don't expect to do it perfectly, but I do plan to P-L-A-N!!

To begin with, it helps alot to have very good friends who are on program with us.  It also helps to have very good friends who want to support you in any way they can.  I know that our hosts ~Phil and Renee, who are on program with us ~ plan to have points-friendly foods available.  Terry Brander also is on program, so I can count on her to think up something points - friendly, too.  Me?  I'm 'P-L-A-N-N-I-N-G' on bringing a new recipe that I got from my favorite food blogger, Danica @

I totally borrowed this photo from Danica, but will replace it with my own once they are made...just hope they look this good!!  Stay tuned!  Compared to a regular buffalo chicken wing for 3 points plus - I think its worth a try, don't you?  Use the recipe title above to link to her recipe!  I'll post photos after they are made ;0)
I also know Jackie will be making her famous fresh fruit salad - which is great for me because I LOVE fresh fruit, and it's all "0" points.  So I PLAN to eat lots of that!

I PLAN to not Drink my points away with sodas, juices or alcohol...well, maybe just a glass or two of wine (1pp for each ounce)...or better yet, add seltzer to my second glass of wine to make it last longer ;0)
Another PLAN is to utilize my 49 weekly allowance points (wap) ~something I try not to dip into except for special events.   I think the Superbowl qualifies!  So keeping in mind that the Superbowl party starts around 6pm, not only do I have my 49-WAPs, but I will have the points I usually use for my evening meal and snack - another 14 points!!  So I think staying on plan is definitely doable.  63 is MY magic number on Sunday!!  Some of you may have more points to begin with- but it doesn't matter - just KNOW what your number is before you go!!  So, the question is...what can a body eat?  Why not at least go 'armed with the knowledge" of what the points values are for your typical Superbowl foods?  These general values are taken from WW e-Tools, but they don't allow for variations between brands and preparation methods - so please use these as just a guide:

Buffalo Wings - 3 wings for 9 pp (some frozen varieties may be less, but if you don't know the exact brand - go with this)
Doritos - 12 for 4 pp (baked varieties are 15 for 3pp)
Planter's Deluxe Mixed Nuts - 1oz for 5pp
M & Ms - 1 oz milk chocolate variety for 4pp (wow - who knew?)
                  1 oz peanut variety for 4pp also!
Tortilla Chips - 12 for 4pp (baked varieties run approx 12-15 for 3pp)
***Salsa - 0pp***
Bean dip- 2Tbsp for 1 pp (generally, however I'd stay away from 7-layer dips that were made with full fat cheese, full fat sour cream, full fat bean dips, guacamole, etc - there's no telling how many points are in there!)
Potato Chips, regular - 14 for 4pp
French Onion Dip - 2Tbsp for 2pp
Potato Salad- 1/2 cup store bought for 4pp OR 1/2 cup homemade for 8pp!
Macaroni Salad - 1/2 cup for 7pp

Considering all the above, you see why you need to be prepared and have a PLAN!!  Try to put food on a plate before you eat it...don't hang around food and mindlessly keep putting stuff in your mouth ;0)  You can ask your host/hostess how things are made (with low fat, low cal ingredients,baked, etc?) - or if you can find them, check out the nutritional labels before putting food on your plate! 

And by all means - enjoy the game (or if you are like me, the chick flick in the other room)!!!

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