Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday's meals - not what we were expecting!

What a gorgeous day in the Hudson Valley, today! Nearly 60 degrees and sunny!  Seriously, it was so awesome outside that I took the opportunity to finally don my sneakers and go outside to walk the grounds of our office building for my coffee break.  I have to remember to bring the sneakers back to the office so I can do it again tomorrow...its supposed to be nice out all week long!

Today started out great for another reason - I fixed my favorite breakfast sandwich!
Two Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Waffles (4pp), one banana (0pp), and 1 Tbsp Chunky Peanut Butter (3pp) only need to spread the peanut butter on one waffle as you are going to put it all together... and I almost forgot...I added a whole large Kiwi to my breakfast for another whopping 0-pp!  I truly love this sandwich for breakfast - all 7pp of it.

Lunch today was just leftovers from last night - 1 cup of Chicken and White Bean Chili (7pp) and a huge tossed salad made with some fresh herbs all throughout it.  I really love the surprises in every bite.  I had 1Tbs Ken's Northern Italian Lite salad dressing...for 1pp.  I'll at least give you the photo from last night:

I didn't have the bread today, though.  8pp for the entire lunch. I actually think the chili was better the second day.

Today was a "have to eat my snack" day.  I don't usually eat a snack, or when I do its usually just a piece of fruit.  This past week I received 5 coupons for some free Chobani yogurt, and I hurried out to use them:

I got a variety - and yes, I can't count...5 coupons do not get you 6 yogurts, but I have a thing for even numbers ;0)  I had read a comment on Face Book about how this guy likes to blend his I had to try it so I could share the results with all of you.  My first experiment was...drum roll, please...

Lemon and Blueberry!

Paper bowls because we were at the office!

Mmmm...creamy goodness!

There you have it...Chuck and I each had a try at it...and of course, I preferred the lemon and he preferred the blueberry!  It was a nice combo, however - the sweetness of the berries with the slightly tart lemon.  Tomorrow I may just have to try the peach and raspberry yogurt combo - something to look forward to!

We hurried home late from work because Mondays is basketball night for the guys and they are in a huge hurry to get out of the house.  My plan was to fix Danica's Steak n 'Shroons, but we changed plans to accommodate the guys.  Since there was so much Barbacoa Beef left from the weekend - we made the BBQ sandwiches we were planning for a lunch one day this week:
Oh my goodness...this was such a yummy combo - although I madethe Classic Coleslaw recipe from Weight Watchers...and I think I would have preferred the Asian Coleslaw recipe you'll find on this site.  The WW recipe just was too heavy on sauce and not enough 'tang'.  Too bad, because we have a ton of the classic coleslaw leftover.  I'm a real coleslaw fan, but not so much of this one.  Total sandwich: Roll (5pp), 3 oz beef (3pp), 3/4 cup coleslaw (2pp) - 10pp sandwich that really filled us all beyond belief.  Pickles - 0pp - make a nice side.  I am sooo fulllll.

Gotta love leftovers when you are in a hurry!  What is our favorite leftover meal?

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