Friday, February 18, 2011

New Menu Posted: Week Two!

Hello all,

I've been busy putting together the new menu for week two, a grocery list to go with it and recipes, too!  It is all there for you.  Thanks to everyone who has reached out to let me know how much you enjoyed week one's menu.  I think my family's favorite from week one has to be a tie between the Barbacoa Beef with Cilantro Lime Rice and the Orange Chicken.  One note on the Orange Chicken, though, is that the guys thought we could easily have increased the number of dried chiles we added from 8 to maybe 12 or more!  But it was really good the way it was, too.

Week two's menu has a few items from the grocery store that we've tried before and liked alot.  I encourage you to try them, too, if you haven't already.  The Hormel pork tenderloins come pre-marinated and are super tender and quick to cook.  My family loves the Teryaki tenderloin best, but like most of them we've tried.  Also, the Gorton's Grilled Tilapia is very good and quick.  Again, there are several varieties to choose from - just keep in mind that there are two servings per package and purchase accordingly.  Highlighted items on the menu are linked to the recipe for it.  If there is anything on my menu that isn't highlighted and you need advice on how to prepare it, feel free to comment on this post or to e-mail me!

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