Monday, February 28, 2011

Black Forest Cake Frozen "Cho-gurt"

This idea came into my site from "Mel", who told me she likes to mix non-fat yogurt with frozen cherries and crumbled Chocolate Vita Muffins ~ and then she freezes it for 30 minutes.  It sounded to scrumptious that I just had to run out and buy the stuff to try it myself!  I chose to use the vanilla flavor to make this because I used the plain for the Oven Fried Chicken earlier tonight.  Since the local store only had VitaTops, I substituted them for the muffins.

These were really tasty, with big chunks of cherries and some small nuggets of chocolate...and only took about 45 minutes to set up as soft frozen yogurt.  I only used one muffin top...but Chuck and I both agreed it would have been better with two...but as they were made, each parfait cup was a total of 4pp!

Hint for what comes next from my kitchen...

Let your imagination go wild ;0)

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  1. Oh it must be a pina colada ;-) coconut... rum... pineapple!!
    I bought some Chobani today to try. I like plain so I might have to try the chicken too while I have it in. I also bought a pomegranite Chobani :)

  2. Good guess, are thinking like I do ;0) Try the chicken - I provided a link to the recipe - it was so moist and really good. Let me know what you think.

  3. I just tried the pineapple yourt one today for the first time. I loved it and can't wait to try the other ones.

  4. I also gave some to my daughter today and she loved it as well.

  5. @Amy - I'm sure she did love it! Be sure to go to the "MyFirstGive-AwayEver" page and enter to win a case!