Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Started with Jared

Today is Jared's first day on the PointsPlus program.  So, to get rolling - its good to review some of the information that he'll need to be successful.

First, we need to calculate how many points plus he gets to eat each day.  For a male who weighs 225 lbs, and is 5'11" tall - he starts out at 48 points plus per day and gets an additional 49 weekly pointsplus allowance to use as needed.

Turning to page 60 in the Getting Started book, it is suggested that he break that down as follows:

Breakfast:  8pp
Lunch:      14pp
Dinner:     18pp
Snack:       4pp
Snack:       4pp

I plan to give Jared some suggestions for great breakfasts, lunches and snacks in the next few days - and I trust he'll be referring to my weekly menus for dinner ideas.  I created the weekly menus along with grocery lists to go with them as a way to take some of the "thought" out of the first weeks.  Face it, getting started is alot of work - lots of tools to study, points to look up, getting your refrigerator and cubbords stocked with good foods and purging the bad ones.  That being said, I totally understand if one wishes to make up their own menus - and that is what Jared will be doing with the help of his wife, Katie.  He promises to use some of the recipes on this site, and maybe if we're fortunate enough, he'll share some new ones of his own in time!!

My recommendation for Jared is to always have an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies on hand...especially the "0" pp varieties... 

...and also to put primary focus on eating power foods...

That is the key to feeling full and satisfied.  I also find it helpful to not break into my 49 weekly pointsplus allowance except for special occasions (like weddings, baby showers, going out for dinner or a movie) or when you miscalculated in the first couple of weeks.  I know its easy to forget to track some foods until you get used to it.  Not using the WPA means your weight loss at the scale is better - but using them will not mean gaining don't be afraid of them.  Enjoy your snacks by boosting them with some fresh fruit or veggies. 

By all means - do enjoy food to the full.  By that I think back to the illustration on pages 14 and 15 of the getting started book - you remember the one - on one side was a lonely croissant with a pat of butter for 7pp. 

On the other side was 1 poached egg, 1 slice of whole-wheat toast with a pat of butter (yes, real butter) and 3 oz of ham - all for 6pp!!  So explore your options Jared - find ways to fill your plate with foods that will really satisfy you and fill you up.  In that way you will feel spoiled and not deprived.

By the way - Jared and Katie will be coming over for dinner tomorrow night!  I plan on starting the evening with a Gin and Tonic (1 jigger of gin - 4pp mixed with diet tonic and a lime wedge) and some baked Tostitos Scoops (9=3pp) with fresh salsa (0pp) - so if you're reading this, Jared - save one of your snacks for my house! For the main course, I'm cooking Barbacoa Beef (4oz = 4pp), Cilantro Lime rice made with Jasmine rice - Katie's favorite (3/4 cup = 5pp), Sweet and Sour Slaw (1cup = 1pp) and a nice green salad (0pp + salad dressing of his choice).  For dessert we're having angel food cake (2oz slice = 3pp) with lots of fresh fruit for 0pp (watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges, bananas, grapes and strawberries).  So the appetizer portion of the evening will be about 7pp and the dinner with dessert will total about 15 (figuring salad dressing being approximately 2pp)  I think he'll be surprised how full he'll feel, totally satisfied and how much he can enjoy the evening being on program.  I'm finding that I often feed my company the same food we're eating on program - and nobody is the wiser!! 

So - enough about tomorrow!!  I'm hoping to see comments from those of you who are following the WeightWatchers PointsPlus program.  Be a part of Jared's transformation!!  What works best for you?? 


  1. Looking forward to tonight! I'll save my 2nd snack. ;)

  2. I read Jared's Story, can't leave a comment over there though?
    I like the sound of your menu. I'm trying to think of something nice to do for Mother's Day lunch next weekend. I like the idea of angel food cake with fruit :) Have a great evening tonight, hope Jared is super impressed with what he can eat while staying OP ;)

  3. Hi Denise, you won't be able to comment on Jared's Story page, but when he does guest posts you will. After all the explanation of what points he had for dinner - I asked him how many points he had left for the day and he didn't know...he didn't track the I guess I have my work cut out for me ;0)