Friday, April 29, 2011

Jared's Story -- It Begins!

Good morning everybody!  My name is Jared and I want to thank my mom for the great introduction.  I'm excited to participate for 12 weeks on Points Plus Living.  I think my mom has been doing a fabulous job here and I hope I can add to the quality content.  My purpose in "joining forces" is two-fold:  First, I would like to try to put into practice the recommendations, suggestions and recipes found here.  If Points Plus Living can add to my weight loss success it adds credibility to the project.  Second, I realize that I need some motivation and accountability to have personal success. 

So to read more about my story be sure to check the "Jared's Story" tab.  I've posted my Day 1 content and plan to update the tab each weekend.  Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Let the journey begin!


  1. Welcome Jared! Look forward to reading more from you and your Mom!!

  2. Thanks! I hope this can be a mutually beneficial 12 weeks.

  3. Hi Jared, good luck and I hope you stay on plan for the 12 weeks (and more) :) Anything that helps motivate and encourage us is a good thing, that's why I joined the WW online site too to connect with others. Look forward to reading your posts.