Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess who's joining Points Plus Living?

Hello All,

Thanks for bearing with my absence during my recuperation from oral surgery.  April has been a tough month for me - beginning with more than a week of migraine headaches, then the oral surgery - all while we were re-locating our real estate office.  I often thought of taking photos of meals and posting, but it just wasn't happening.  During this time, however, I didn't abandon this blog entirely.  I had an interesting conversation with one of my sons who has been wanting to lose a few pounds and feels he asked me for some help and direction.  As a result, we have come up with a collaboration of sorts.  Let me explain:

You all are likely familiar with the Subway Diet and their spokesperson, Jared Fogle. 

Jared Fogle lost  245 lbs in one year by giving up junk food and eating Subway sandwiches. According to one article, he started skipping breakfast, and ate just two subs a day, a small turkey and a large veggie, along with some baked potato chips, and diet soda.  He cut his daily consumption from 10,000 calories a day to just 2,000.  I don't know about you, but as much as I like Subway sandwiches, I could not stand to eat them everyday for a year.  But, since obtaining Jared as their spokesperson, Subway's sandwich sales more than doubled, and Jared maintained the weight loss for about 5 years.  He's since put some of that back on, and is now working to get back his boyish figure.

So, after giving it some thought, I decided it might be great to have my own "spokesperson" named Jared. 
I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce to you my middle son, Jared.  You may have seen a link to his own blog, Show Me The Pins on this site.  My Jared is 29 years old, married and will admit that he has been plagued with the "satisfied hubby" weight gain.  He recently approached me about joining forces to help him lose that extra weight.  In return for the help, he agreed to become a guest blogger - lending to this blog a man's perspective about weight gain, food, diet and exercise.  I am very excited about our new partnership.
Perhaps having Jared on board, it will take up some of the slack of keeping this blog fresh and full of content.  It is my goal to use this blog to provide him (and by extension, you, too) with information and advice on how to manage losing the weight and to keep it off.  In the process, he will post updates and his thoughts on weight loss, too.  Jared will soon be putting a tab at the top of the home page that will contain his bio, hopefully a recent photo and eventually photos of his be sure to check it out!

Again, thanks for bearing with my absence.  I'll be posting some information to get him started and some ideas to keep him on program.  Then I'll be up and back to posting several times a week very soon.  I have some summer menus and recipes to share - I can't wait.  Enjoy your week!


  1. cool, I didnt think Jared had any weight to lose. I'll enjoy reading both your posts. Sorry about the oral surgery. I had that this winter: NO FUN.

  2. Thanks, Keri. I guess this proves that my family was made up of a bunch of "yo-yo's" when it comes to weight management - but together we'll find a way to make this "stick" and keep each other dedicated to a new lifestyle. Glad you are following along!

  3. Just reading this now and off to read the other posts after this from you and Jared :) I think it's great that your son wants to join you and help with posts on the blog too (I can't imagine my hubby ever doing that with me). He (my hubs) was supposed to start WW quite a few weeks ago, he was also about 225 and he's about 5'10', I calculated 47 as his weekly pts. He was doing ok for a couple of weeks, I'd pack his lunch, count the points for him!!!! BUT he'd still want to eat out at his fav restaurant with is work pals once a week AND have beers every night! He lost a few pounds (about 7 in total) but over the past few weeks he's eaten out 3 times a week, then last week it was EVERY DAY (sigh). I can't nag, I can't say anything really, it's up to him. I pack his lunch but it just sits in the fridge when he goes out to lunch. Anyway, we still eat healthy at home, so it could be worse (he doesn't exercise AT ALL either)!

  4. Don't get too discouraged, Denise. One thing I've learned - you can't do it for anyone else but yourself. I had a strong nudge from a really good friend (thanks, Renee!!) that got me to a WW meeting...but the success is mine! My husband, too. We eat mostly the same foods because we work in the same real estate office - but some days are tougher for me, some for him...some weeks he's motivated...sometimes not so much. I think when people around you are sticking with it and are successful, it can work on you and motivate you without much said. Keep making healthy eating your priority...he definitely benefits from that...and who knows, maybe he'll begin to notice. One last thing that helped us stop eating when we were full - was a bowl of fresh cut up fruit to pick at like dessert. Somehow we don't over eat that too often...but it keeps us from going back for seconds or thirds of the higher point foods. We've been transforming into 'fruit-itarians', ha ha!

  5. So how are you doing now? I hope you are doing fine. What kind of oral surgery did you have? Whatever it was, it must have been really painful for you. But it seems you are recovering nicely. And wow, Jared lost almost 300Lbs just by eating Subway sandwiches? That's unbelievable! I should try that one out for myself.