Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fire and Ice!

Its official...we're a bunch of losers!  Some of us more than others, of course.  Chuck hit 10% of his weight lost this week...but I missed it by just 1/2 a pound (rats).  That's ok - I still had a loss, but not as big of one as I would have liked.  Our WW meeting had a lot of 'talkers', so the leader ran short of time and Chuck did not collect his award, but sweet man that he is, he said he preferred to wait until next week to collect it with me ;0)  Guess I had better have a good week this week.

We went to the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack yesterday to meet up with our kids & grandchild for dinner and to do some window shopping.  We had a great time!  We ate at a restaurant called Fire and Ice...there are only 6 in the country to date, but its a franchise, so keep an eye for one to open near you.  It was a really fun place to eat.  Check out their website for better photos than mine!

My favortite part of this restaurant was how your meal is prepared.  You visit the 'market place' where there is everything from pasta, raw veggies, steak, chicken, pork (an other meat choices) and a good variety of raw seafood to choose from...grab a metal bowl and fill it with whatever combo appeals to you.  Choose from a variety of 'sauces' that you put in a smaller separate bowl, which they add last minute as your food finishes cooking so it doesn't burn.  Proceed with your bowls to the grill where it is cooked to order:

Choose your food at the marketplace in the background...

Then bring your bowls to the grill, where the chefs prepare it for you.  They line your food up in front of you so you can keep an eye on it.  Sometimes a small peice of your neighbor's food makes its way to mingle with yours ;0)

These guys have 15 dinners cooking all at once, with room for more!  Very entertaining!

Mine is the one hiding under steam the thicker veggies, I think.

We tried a variety of things - one price for as much as you can eat!  The nice thing was the variety ~ I could fill my bowl with pea pods, string beans, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli (all 0 pointsplus) and when there was hardly any room remaining, I'd put about 3 oz of seafood on top.  On one visit to the marketplace I chose mahi mahi and shrimp with a side of teriaki sauce...the next visit was for shrimp and salmon with a side of orange-ginger sauce.  Both were great, but the first was my favorite!  You can ask the chefs to add some "heat" if you like, or there are additional seasonings at the table...these guys were great and constantly in motion.  The waitress brings brown rice and tortillas (they have a fajita sauce at the marketplace, too) to complete your meal.  Here are a few photos of some of our dishes:

My shrimp and mahi mahi with lots of veggies...

Chuck's plate - did I menton they also have a salad bar?

I think this was Erika's plate...

Jared's calimari - what's left of it...
And did I mention they make some awesome looking burgers, too?  Take a look at Wes' barbque bacon was huge!!
There were several bites missing at the time of this photo!
We finished by sharing a couple of their Fire & Ice chocolate fondues...large plates with a bowl of chocolate sauce surrounded by marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, pound cake cubes and some whipped cream.  Enough spears for everyone to share.  Sorry, I forgot to snap a photo!

Overall, I have to say that the chefs were on fire...but the waitress not so much.  Definitely would try this place again...and they take reservations!


  1. Congratulations to Chuck on the weight loss and getting to the 10% mark. That is awesome. And even better that he is waiting for the next week so you both can enjoy that big moment together. Congratulations to you too. I give you a lot of credit as it is a lot of work losing weight, but also your work that helps Chuck lose his weight, and keeping up this blog, plus your job and your meetings. What an inspiration. The restaurant sounds amazing!! Thanks for all you do for us. I weighed in this am and had a good weight loss for me. Mine is much slower than yours, but I am happy the scale is finally moving....

  2. Thanks, Sue. Congrats on your loss, too! Doesn't make a difference how fast we lose long as we figure out in the process how to keep it off once its gone, right?

  3. Hey mom, Katie and I tried the asian glazed drumsticks tonight. I must say we were impressed with the flavor; spicy and tasty. Didn't feel like a "diet" meal at all. We'll do it again for sure. Thanks!

  4. We liked them alot, too, Jared. I plan to make them with boneless thighs next time...Thanks!