Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lazy Saturday

After shoveling snow late last night, my poor body screamed for a restful morning I am honoring its request.  Its so pretty outside this morning, though, with the sun glistening on the pure white snow everywhere.

Before I start blogging about my daily meals, I thought I'd play catch-up and give you a few comments about the recipes tab.  It is my goal to share recipes with you, sometimes linking to other sites and at some point, within my own.  Moving forward, when I try a new recipe, I'll give a review in my blog first...then put all the good ones in my Recipes tab.  Right now, there are a few to talk about that made it to my recipes page. 

The Asian Glazed Drumsticks are good...but my family thought it might be a little better if done with boneless thighs instead, or even with boneless breasts.  The sauce was good...with a little "heat"...but I might have added a wee bit more ;0)  Definitely would make it again, with a few adjustments.  Also, while I bought the Sriracha hot sauce...I don't know that you couldn't make this with any hot sauce you have around the house...I'm just saying that because I have accumulated a huge supply of different brands of hot sauce, and would be comfortable making the substitution myself.  This recipe is linked to another site that I really love for food inspiration - so be sure to check out her other recipes - and thanks, Gina of, for sharing what you know on your website, your blog and your facebook page!

The Turkey-Apple Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette is a recipe from the WeightWatchers site.  I loved this fresh salad - and all the more so for the low points plus value (4pp) per serving.  Chuck, on the other hand, doesn't care for his meat and veggies to be mixed he took the turkey off and mixed it with some creamy ranch dressing (I think that's what that white stuff was).  This was really easy to fix, and I would definitely recommend it as your meal for the night before a big weigh in!!

Garlic Lime Chicken is an old favorite I discovered from  Some of you will recognize that name from the days I used to quote 'flylady' all the time.  Her site is phenominal for getting your life and home more organized...but she also is big on posting some awesome recipes.  I have this recipe linked to her once again...feel free to explore her site!  My one peice of advice on this one is to be sure not to overcook your is best if cooked but still moist.  By our calculations from her nutritional info - this comes out to about 8pp per serving..which is fine, just keep your 'sides' on the lower points scale.

Sweet and Sour Slaw was soooo easy to put together and really tasty...and a huge serving for just 1point+.  This is a good side for almost anything...but I can easily see putting it on a fish taco sometime soon!!  I linked back to the site I got it they give credit to Cooking Light.

Pepper Steak is another recipe I took from  This was really good, and plentiful.  At 5.5pp per serving...its definitely a keeper.  I did add the red pepper flakes, which really made the dish, but you can add 'heat' to your liking.  We had this with a cup of brown rice for 5pp and a salad with Trader Joe's Asian Style Spicy Peanut Dressing for 1pp per Tbsp.  Yummy!

I know this is alot to read today...but I thought you'd want to know why I chose to put these out there.  They are recipes I'll go back to in the weeks to come.

One last thing I wanted to accomplish today was to say a huge Thank You to my sister Sue for her editing my spelling on my previous posts...and for making some good suggestions.  Also to my son, Jared, for his encouragement to start this...along with some advice on getting started with blogging...and in advance for all the help you will be giving me moving forward because you offered (hee hee).  Then, to Danica of Danica's Daily for permission to link to her sites, to link to her recipes, and for the encouragement to do this, too.  She is one classy gal, and I love visiting her site everyday!  Thanks, Danica, if you are checking in ;0)