Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weigh-in is tomorrow!!

Thursdays take some thought for me when it comes to meal planning.  I usually try to think of things that aren't going to spoil my results on the scale tomorrow at the Weight Watchers meeting.  You know what I'm talking about - a bowl of pasta or something salty seems to cause us women to be a little bloated the next day.

My day started with two eggs over light (4pp) and some fresh fruit salad (0pp)...a good start with high protein to keep me satisfied longer (or as WW would say - good use of power foods).

Lunch was leftover soup at 1pm.  I had made some corn and roasted red pepper soup (which comes pre-made in a carton at Trader Joe's) and added a cup of wild rice and two chicken anduille sausages, cut up (also from Trader Joe's) yesterday during the snowstorm...7pp per cup!  So the leftover soup went to the office with me today, as well as the leftover 0pp WW Garden Vegetable Soup - just in case I was really hungry at lunch time.  Turns out the 7pp soup was enough.  I ate a banana (0pp)for a snack around 3pm and was good to go until dinner.

I decided that some broiled fish might be a good plan, so I defrosted salmon fillets that come pre-cut, portion controlled from Sam's Club.  I seasoned them with Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime Seasoning, which is terrific on fish! I had one lime wedge left in the fridge, so also added a quick squeeze of fresh lime over the fish portions.  Under the broiler they went.

In the meantime, I boiled some mixed veggies and re-heated leftover spaghetti squash with some butter spray for flavor (all were 0pp).  So the only points for tonight's dinner was in the salmon (9pp)!  Added bonus: Mrs Dash doesn't use salt, so there will be no retained water from the sodium ;0)

I did reward myself with two Dove Miniature Dark Chocolates (1pp each) for dessert ;0)  Yummy.

A great article from Weight Watchers was on FaceBook this morning...
Just in case you want to do a little more reading and get inspired about breakfast!!

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