Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Out of Town but not totally Out of Touch

Sorry, everyone, but I've been upstate visiting my mom and got sidetracked a little. We've been cleaning, catching up, and just bumming around a little. I haven't forgotten you all, and will try to get back to blogging and photos soon.

Tonight my sister MiMi and I took a ride to a nearby WeightWatchers meeting and got her signed up with the monthly pass. I am so proud of her and happy for her! MiMi has a huge load of stress everyday ~ more than a person has a right to carry alone~ and I am so proud of her that she is taking some time for herself. You need that MiMi (if you're reading this blog), to take care of yourself so you have something left of yourself to care for others. Eating right and taking off some weight will give you some of the energy and desire you need to carry on. So this post is really just for you!! Some of the rest of you may find some gems in this too - so you are welcome to keep reading ;0)

Planning and tracking are two big components of being successful on this program - but it doesn't have to be complicated. Whatever works for you. If you have to do some of your tracking on paper and some on e-Tools, so be it. If you can only plan what you are doing for today...that is good enough. Once a week is then have a week's menu in your tracker...just repeat it! If you can get to where you plan a whole week ahead of time, that is great. Its hard for me right now to do that, but I am working on it...actually working on putting together 4 entirely different weeks of dinner menus...and then I'll rotate them. It takes time. You'll figure out what works for you and you'll get lots of good ideas at your meetings, too. Just remember to get there early. Also, since you have paid for the can go back as often during the month as you like. Just make an effort to go on the same day/time each week for your weigh-in.

That pull out section in your getting started booklet is great. I put mine on our fridge at home, and Chuck's on the fridge at work. You might want to make copies of each section (lunches, snacks, etc) ...and leave the copies at work for when you need inspiration.

I find that keeping some fresh fruit in a basket on the kitchen counter helps keep me from 'rummaging around' looking for something to snack on...I just grab a peice of "0"points plus fruit and leave the kitchen. Sometimes just a few grapes are enough.

I'll start working a little harder on posting photos of favorite products for you on this site...but in the meantime:

1) Wheatables Crackers are usually 8 or 9crackers for 2 points...just depends on the variety you choose...and are really tasty! Add a couple peices of cheese for 2 points and you have your 4 point snack...even better...add a nice granny smith apple or a few grapes and you will feel spoiled!

2) Laughing cow cheese spread on your bread makes a great substitute for does honey mustard or cranberry mustard.

3) Ken's Northern Italian with basil and romano cheese (I think that is the name) is a great salad dressing for 1 one 2 points...I have it at home, and will take a photo and post the correct points for you...but a little goes a long way on a salad.

4) Having a nice tossed salad or "0" point soup stocked up in the fridge can take the edge off of your hunger while you cook tend to not over-eat that way.

5) Try to drink a glass of water pretty shortly after you wake sets the tone for the day. Drink a glass while fixing dinner.  It also helps if you have the munchies...drink a glass of water before you start'll eat less.

6) Try to slow down while eating...and try to leave the table 'not stuffed'. You can always go back later for more...but often after you do the dishes, you'll find you are full to satisfaction, no more, no less.

7) Cut up onions and peppers and store in a container for when you make your scrambled eggs...mushrooms, too if you like. It makes the morning routine easier. Adding some veggies to your morning eggs gives you the fiber with your protein...power foods to hold you longer between meals.

8) Land O Lakes makes a "0" points plus half and half for your coffee.

9) Its good to take a multi-vitamin...especially when you are just starting out because sometimes you just don't get the balance right for some time. The vitamin will help keep you from short-changing yourself.

I'm sure I'll think of more...but I don't want to overwhelm you on your first day!!  Have a great week and let me know how the scale treats you next week! 

By the way...for my other readers who happened to read this whole post...I usually weigh in on Fridays in Newburgh at 9:30am.  Tonight (Wednesday at 7:30pm) I got on the scale at the Rochester meeting and was down .2lbs.  That is not much, but when you consider that 1) women weight several pounds more at night than in the morning and 2) I still have 2 days to go before I have to weigh-in...this week should be awesome!!  Woo Hoo...I love Points Plus living!!!!

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