Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm so happy today ~ after a challenging weekend last week, I managed to exercise enough control to lose 2.4lbs today and Chuck lost 3.1lbs.  That puts me just under 16lbs and Chuck at about 24lbs lost since we began in December.  Woo Hoo...time to celebrate!  It didn't hurt that I planned a "light" dinner last night, knowing we'd be getting on the scale today. We certainly didn't go to bed hungry...just smart.

I'm afraid I haven't been too good about photos today.  I started out the day running a little late for the WW meeting, so I had 1/2 cup of coffee and ran!!  After the meeting, I was off to the office, where thank goodness I had some leftover fruit salad to which I added a fresh banana.  Also, I finally broke into Chuck's protein bars: Kellogg's Special K brand, Strawberry flavor for 5points plus.  That held me up until lunch time, but by then we were on the road with Real Estate matters, so we stopped at McDonald's.  I figured out what I was ordering ahead of time using the Dining Out Companion I picked up at the Weight Watchers meeting.  We both ate the Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken (8pp) with the Southwest Salad Dressing (3pp) and it was yummy and filling.

This evening we have a friend of Justin's spending the night, so we made burgers and oven fries...but not the usual fare.  The burgers were Trader Joe's Chili Lime Chicken burgers (5pp) on a whole wheat hamburger bun (3pp) with lettuce, tomato, onion, pepperoncinis, and for some of us, ketchup.  I made a broccoli slaw using the bagged stuff and the recipe for slaw in my Recipes tab.  The oven fries were the killer, though.  I was trying to use up some of the leftover oil from the roasted veggies the other day and I went a little over board (did measure how much I used, but didn't look at the points first).  Next time, I will use Pam on the pan and then also spray the potatoes with Pam before I season them - forget the oil!!

I will share one nice photo with you - it was my snack the other night after I had already posted my blog.

Black tea with 3 Triple Ginger Cookie Thins from Trader Joe's (1pp)...I put the sugar and creamer out there in honor of my mom, who gave me the set.  For my friends who are big into Disney: Can you find the Hidden Mickey?  Happy trading! ~oh that's right, that is for another blog!!

Anyone have any special plans for the weekend or challenges they'd like to share?  I'm "all ears"!

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