Wednesday, January 12, 2011


No, I haven't been snoozing!  I apologize for not posting but yesterday I had a surprise visit from a client whose home I sold.  Last month when the closing happened, I was home sick in bed with no voice ~ so Chuck attended the closing in my place.  This client felt it was necessary to stop by and thank me for my help and to tell me that after talking to some friends whose homes are still sitting on the market, he felt that Home Page had gotten his transaction right.  He said he compared the listing, the advertising, the virtual tour, our signage and everything else we did to what the other agents are doing for his friends, and he said we were hands and fists above the rest.  I didn't want to stop I got home very late. 

So by way of playing "catch up" ~ I did take a photo of my lunch:

I had a sandwich made of 3 oz shaved Black Forest Ham (2pp) on once slice of multi grain bread (3pp) with lettuce, tomato and some sweet and hot honey mustard. On the side I had 1/2 an English cucumber and a glass of seltzer...both 0 pp.  For my afternoon snack I had 1cup of non-fat plain yogurt with 1 cup of fresh blueberries...sorry but I didn't get a photo this time.

After I got home from work late, I had just a few moments to put dinner together before we had to run out for our I reached for the quickest thing I could find:

Annies' Organic Shells & White Cheddar.  I just had to try them because Danica ~the food blogger who inspires me all the time~ says they are the bomb.  They were done in no time, and so were the green beans tossed with some olive oil and fresh garlic.  Real comfort food, if I do say so myself.

We ran out to our meeting and got to drive home in what would become 8" of snow by morning.  So today we got lots of 'activity points' shoveling out the driveway by hand, hee hee.

Before we headed out, I made a protein packed breakfast of an egg (2pp) and some European Style Plain Yogurt from Trader Joe's (3pp) with fresh berries on top(0pp).  I really love fresh berries, and saved some for my waffle tomorrow ;0)  Total Breakfast: 5pp

Next, we were out to shovel the driveway. It so pretty outside - gotta love the beauty of it...

One last thing...I left off yesterday with a cliff hanger ~ guess what I was going to do with the red, orange and yellow peppers.  I was planning on cutting them up to be dippers for the spicy hummus I have in the fridge...but that never happened.  So tonight they become part of some oven roasted veggies to go with our steak on the grill (Justin was such a sport and shoveled a path to the grill so his dad could cook it outside~thanks Justin!).



  1. I love Annie's mac & cheese! :)

  2. Welcome, Joan!! I'm a new fan to Annie's products...I hear her cookies and salad dressings are great, too. I hope to try them soon and blog about them too!