Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Pictures!

Another weekend of diet challenges - but hey - what fun is it if you don't challenge yourself?  We were so happy to be invited to this awesome 10th anniversary party for our friends, Marci and Dave.  The theme was from Alice in Wonderland (they are huge Disney fans)...a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  Check out these photos and see if you aren't salivating by the end of this post!
One Awesome Cake!
Don't you admire the attention to details on this cake?
Notice the roses are being painted red!

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Spread!

Cucumber Sandwiches were so beautifully done!

Mini Quiches
Homemade Linzer Tarts that were really yumm-o!!

Eat Me?  Ok!

Tea, of course, and cold beverages

Tea cups and saucers were functional 'party favors' - we got to take ours home!
Some very serious card playing!
Me, my husband Chuck and 'Jack Sparrow' (our son Jared) in the background.
Marci & Dave - 10 yrs married!!
Nat, Kate, Terry (Marci's sisters and her mom) - Nice Job Gals!
Marci's Dad, Ralph and our youngest son, Justin

Our Daughter-in-law Katie
And our son Jared (Married to Katie)

Aunt Vicky, Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Jackie

Marci's Uncle Phil
The Queen of Hearts (Marci's Aunt Renee)
Croquet Anyone?
And some final shots so you get the real flavor of the "Most Curious Hats"...
Two 'heads' are better than one?
This is how Chuck's hat got its 'flair'
Time to Go!  Fun, huh?


  1. Fun! And the food looked fabulous!

  2. Grandpa Ralph's hat kills! Love it (and that there was zero point fruit :D )