Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Weigh In and the meeting topic!

I'm looking forward to today's weigh in for a strange reason today...not that I am expecting any great number on the scale...but because after the weigh-in...a new week starts with a new beginning.  Sometimes I find that the enthusiasm I had for 'doing this right' when we began this WW journey isn't quite what it originally was.  Sometimes it feels like I got sidetracked by life.  Ever feel that way? 

This was my pride and joy - my staple - to help keep me within my points plus allowance the first few weeks on program:
Each week it changed a little:

But the colors and varieties were something 'happy' in my daily diet.  This week, because my routine had a disruption, this is my countertop reality:

So sad looking, right?  What sad looking oranges and apple & the spaghetti squash, while "0" points, is not a grab and go staple, nor is the lime.  I can't explain why it looks this way - I went to the store and grabbed a few things for dinners but didn't get new fruit (other than a few bananas that were gone in two days)...but I can tell you I will remedy this today!!  Its time to think about what else keeps me 'on track' and what 'really works for me'...and get my original enthusiasm back. 

I had a major disappointment on the scale today, as did Chuck.  He had a 0.4 lb gain...but hang on to your seats...I had a 1.8 lb gain!!  We both weigh ourselves at home, too - so we didn't expect a loss, but neither of us expected these results.  We did our usual trip to McDonalds immediately after the meeting for a 'breakfast chat' about our week.  I had coffee and an "Egg McMuffin without the cheese" for 6pp.  Today it just wasn't yummy - could it be because I was emotionally down from my weigh in?  I put some ketchup on it and that helped a little.  Chuck had a Sausage Mc Muffin - and I didn't even pay attention when he told me how many points it was -sorry.  Guess I was a bit bummed out.

Our conversation revealed alot about what went wrong, however.  Here is where I messed up:

1) I got out of the habit of tracking while away from home last week.  I don't think I made horrible choices, but I did loose track of where I was and what I was doing.  I know 'winging it' does not work for me- how could I forget that!

2) I came home from upstate and did laundry, cleaned house, worked at the office - got caught up on those 'necessary things' - even went for some groceries to fix dinners for the family...but I didn't put meal planning and REAL shopping on the list of necessary things.  They were put on a back burner...and not given the priority they should have been given.

3) and finally, we had a lunch with friends and let them choose the venue.  We ended up at an Italian restaurant, and we didn't have nutritional data to help in the here is where I went wrong:  I ordered the Anti-pasta salad.  It's salad, right?  How can that be wrong??  When the waiter delivered my plate (or should I say platter?), it was HUGE.  It had plenty of cold cuts and cheese on top of a bed of mixed lettuces.  It also had loads of salty Kalamta olives and mariated artichokes and red peppers.  So, being the good Weight Watcher that I am...I asked for a 'to-go' container and brought most of it home.  Later in the day, I snacked on it...and mindlessly finished it in front of the TV while dinner was cooking.  I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how many points were in there...just ate them all...and dinner later, too.

I can't believe what hindsight revealed about me!  There are, thank goodness, some bright spots to share...

1) We immediatey went to our local market from McDonalds and bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies - ALL '0' pp!

2) I prepared good lunches and a good dinner for us the rest of the day.

3) After dinner, Justin and I went for a challenging walk for about 2 miles/40 minutes - complete with hills and dirt roads...and

4) I got on my scale today and am already seeing the number looking more 'normal'.  Whew!

This week's meeting topic was about deprivation.  Its true, if we cut certain foods entirely from our diets, it can leave us feeling bored, deprived, unsatisfied...which can lead to binging, feeling like a failure and worse yet - giving up entirely.  It was recommended that we think about what foods we might be depriving ourselves of and PLAN to incorporate them from time to time into our week using our weekly points plus allowance.  Face it - life is full of challenges - we need to talk about them, think about how to meet them and plan to succeed.  So if any of you feel like you need to share your challenges this week...feel free to comment below.  I have gotten back up, brushed off the dust, and am back on track (tracking my meals, that is).  We have a wedding this afternoon, and the reception is going to be a challenge for us, but we're going with other Weight Watchers friends, so I hope to 'talk out strategy' with them before we eat, drink and be merry!

Next week's meeting topic...about a week too late for me - is about "YoYos- what they can teach you."  Our leader says we'll deal with hindsight and what it tells us.  I guess I could be the expert speaker ;0)

By the way - anyone planning on making the recipe in the WW Weekly?  Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore!  Looks good - it on my menu!!  I'll review it later in the week and post the recipe for those of you who didn't get it.

Don't forget (note to self)...Track everything, Plan for success, and there is no shame in telling friends you don't know what to order to stay on track...maybe they can help...or just maybe they would have chose another place that wasn't such a challenge in this point in my life. 

Hey- what would YOU have ordered at an Italian restaurant to stay on plan??  I know there will be a next time for me...can you help me??

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  1. I just read this today the 23rd of March. We just got back from Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, and I did not tra k while I was there...and first thing this morning I went to the store and got a few things to get me back on track. I did not check my weight but I will on Friday when I go to my WW meeting. I only need 4 more lb loss for my 10 percent. I knpw I will not do 4 lbs this week but I need to get on track after the last 3 days! And I need to track for the rest of the week. I do so much better when I track...