Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's weigh in...

Another Friday weigh-in today...and it was a good one!  I am upstate, so I called my sister Mimi and we met at her WW center.  Funny, living 5 hours away from each other and we both had identical weight losses of 2.2 lbs.  What's the odds of that?  So we celebrated with an Egg McMuffin without the cheese at McDonalds for 6pp and a piping hot cup of coffee and just took time to catch up on things.

When I got back to Mom's place, I checked in on Chuck, who went by himself to get weighed in back home- he said he lost 3-something pounds.  He was sweet and e-mailed me a photo of himself using his iPhone and the full length mirror in our office.  He's looking great!  (Honey, if you are reading this...I really mean it!)

At the WW meeting up here, a man who has lost well over 100 pounds and was there with his very large pair of size "66" slacks that he wore to his very first WW meeting just a year ago this week.  The leader told us how he came into the meeting with a walker on 4 wheels, and if I remember right, he was on oxygen.  She recalled when he lost enough weight that he started coming to meetings with only a cane...and then when he could come totally walking on his own.  He still has a ways to go, but WOW - what inspiration.  They also featured a lady who has lost 75 pounds and another who has lost 42 lbs in 16 weeks. Let me tell you - it appeared like they could have fit two of them into his size 66 pants!! Something is working for these people!!  So hang in there guys and gals and these will one day be our numbers, too!!

Hey - I found my camera in my bags - but only have two photos for you so far -the one at the top, and this one at the bottom of the blog...
Salad with 3 oz of leftover "oven fried chicken" - 4pps - and as you saw in the upper photo, a glass of red wine for 4pp!
As you can see in the opening photo of this blog - the WW center up here got their supply of covers for our Pocket Guides - so I bought one for both me and my sister!  Love it!

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