Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last day to enter "My First Give-Away Ever!" for a case of Chobani Yogurt

Its been a really busy couple of days - we had a listing appointment for one awesome house - an offer accepted on one of our listings and just loads of paperwork and website work to do... so fixing meals was a bit of a challenge...and blogging about it all just didn't happen.  So let's catch up!  Lunch yesterday was a ham wrap with lettuce and tomato with sweet and hot honey mustard (tortilla 3pp, Boar's Head Virginia ham -2pp, lettuce, tomato, mustard -0pp) Total wrap - 5pp!

A very late dinner - Baked Cod generously seasoned with Old Bay seasoning - 3pp, Oven fried potato wedges with sea salt -5pp, and steamed broccoli  -0pp.  Total for dinner - 8pp
I was seriously too tired to play with Chobani - so I went to bed shortly after dinner.  I guess I needed the rest because I slept like a rock!

A new day needed a good start - a freshly cracked egg, scrambled - placed on a piece of multi-grain might not look like much, but it tasted great (other than the fact that the toast was darker than I prefer - not another one of those days!)

Lunch was on the favorite salad from McDonald's.  Southwest with Grilled Chicken and Newman's Own Southwest dressing - 8pp for the salad, 3pp for the dressing - I used the entire package, so total for lunch - 11pp.  Totally worth it...I love the spice and the fresh lime!

Dinner was again - late, late, late - so it had to be quick.  Fully cooked 97%fat free ham steaks - believe it or not, just 2pp for this 3 oz piece!  Annie's White Cheddar Shells - 3/4 cup for 5pp, and steamed green beans -0pp.  Total for this super fast dinner - 7pp.  My only worry is how all the sodium will affect my morning weigh-in (water weight).  Chuck isn't too worried, but guys don't seem to be as affected by water weight gain as us ladies seem to be.  We'll know for sure tomorrow morning!

So - since it's the final post before the "big event"...I just had to try something different with my Chobani Greek Yogurt.  I wanted something pretty - so I chose one of my favorite martini glasses...

I took some plain 2% Chobani and added some instant decaf coffee crystals and some Swiss Miss hot chocolate powder to taste and mixed it up good.  Then I put 1 sheet of low fat chocolate graham cracker into my mini food chopper...processed until it was very fine.  I put half the chocolate graham crumbs into my glass, spooned the mocha yogurt over it, the topped it with the rest of the chocolate graham crumbs...a quick squirt of non-fat whipped cream and finally...

my favorite cherry topping.  This is an Amarena Fabbri cherry imported from Italy.  If you have never tasted one - don't think Maraschino, 'cuz those are kid's stuff compared to these!  I mean - you lick the spoon that handles one one of these goodies...not wanting to miss one thick, sweet/tart drop of the syrup.  And what a cute jar they come in...

We had them for the first time at our anniversary dinner at Walt Disney World's Wilderness Lodge.  Our waiter happened to be their wine steward, but they were short handed that night so he was pulling double duty.  His description of these gems was so 'over the top' sincere, that I just had to order the dessert so I could try one.  There were 4 of them on the plate - two on each side of a square of a rich chocolate dessert.  They seem to pair so well with chocolate, but then, what doesn't?  So when we returned from Florida, I hunted these down online and found them on  Don't be afraid of the price...there are soooo many in a jar...and shipping was free when I ordered them.

SO - tomorrow morning is the big event.  I will be using to choose our winner of the case of Chobani Yogurt...and will post the winner in tomorrow's blog post.  If you haven't entered yet, use this link to "My First Give-Away Ever!" post, and scroll down to the bottom of the post to see details on how to enter.  I can't wait to make that announcement! 

Thanks to everyone for making this so much fun!  See you tomorrow!

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