Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Snacking...focus on Power Foods

One of my favorite parts of the new PointsPlus program is the planning of my snacks.  I actually feel deprived when I forget to plan something special.  Putting this list together today to inspire some of you has helped me see what is important to me, too.  Snacking is a great way to keep your metabolism stoked all day long.  Snacking is a great way to keep that "starvation feeling" from mentally sidetracking you away from your weight loss goals.  And face it - snacking can be fun!  So here are a few of my favorite snack photos from my archive, along with PointsPlus values for them:

3 Gingersnaps and a pot of tea - 1PP per cookie and 0pp for black tea

Black bean brownies: 2pp per peice without nuts/ 3pp with nuts

All Fruits are ZERO pp!!  So even when you over-do it on a meal, you can still have a snack!!

Hard boiled egg - 2pp  Add some fruit on the side for an additional ZERO pp!!

My Personal Fave: 8-9 Wheatable crackers depending on variety for 2pp along with 1pp for each slice of cheese in these cracker-cut packages - and ZERO pp for the grapes!!  I take 2 slices of cheese and break them into quarters so each cracker has a peice on it.  I'm also partial to the Pecan flavored Nut Crisp Wheatables!
14 Baked Tostitos Scoops for 3pp, Salsa-ZERO, Guacamole 1pp for 1TBSP, Weight Watchers Cheese Wedges 1pp each, Grapes ZEROpp!!
Chobani yogurt 3-4pp depending on variety
Final thought on Snacking - even if you've used up all your points for the day, you can always fit in cut up veggies or fresh fruit for 0pp and snack.  Just look at it as 'stoking a fire' that you don't want to burn out.

Happy Snacking Everyone!!

Got a favorite snack you'd like to share?  Please comment below and encourage your fellow losers!!


  1. *Like sweet and salty? Try some string cheese with an apple or peice of melon.
    *How about 12 almonds (2pp) and a peice of Dove dark chocolate (1pp)- I love that combo at night while watching TV.
    *5 cups 94% fat free microwaved popcorn for 3pp.

    C'mon - you have some great ideas in you - I know you do!! SHARE HERE!!

  2. For the hot days of Summer that are soon to be upon us I enjoy Marino's Fat Free Italian Ices. I've tried Lemon and Cherry, both are refreshing. A good ice cream substitute and only 3pp.

  3. Could go for one of those right now, Jared. Sounds refreshing.

  4. So many great ideas. I really like endive dipped in salsa - 0 ppt. Have a great day.